Weekly Update #199 – 14 April

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Weekly Update #199 – 14th April 2024
From Andrew                                      Home Truths

 When you see the news these days, it is easy to be appalled and disheartened.  In so many ways, the world we see around us is not the one that we would wish to live in.  We can readily list the troubles that we see, such as lies instead of truth, injustice instead of fairness, fear instead of compassion, violence instead of peaceful understanding.  We even hear that there are conspiracies to generate conspiracy theories!  Something is lost when winning is all that matters, regardless of motivation or the means to that end.

We might all heartily concur with the writer of Psalm 4 some 3000 years ago, when they wrote, “O that we might see some good!  Let the light of your face shine on us, O LORD!” (4: 6)

And yet the news is not all bad.  If you for look them, there are also stories of kindness to strangers, and cooperation for the common good.  We can build the world we want to live in when we start with our heart in the right place, being honest with ourselves, and focusing on God.  Truth and love are building blocks in the kingdom of God.


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash.


Loving God, we pray for our world adrift in a sea of darkness and pain.  Help us to anchor ourselves on you, and may the light of your face shine upon us.

Worship    Sunday 14th April

10.30 a.m.                A Communion service led by John Drew.

Livestreamed Worship from Saint Columba’s

To watch the morning service live, catch up with it later in the week, or view previous services,

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Sunday 21st April

10.30 a.m.     A service led by Liz Morrell.

Bible readings                     Third Sunday of Easter

Acts 3: 12-19                    Peter explains a healing and the need for Jesus’ passion.
Psalm 4                             God gives peace to the distressed.
I John 3: 1-7                     We are God’s children, so should be like God.
Luke 24: 36b-48              Jesus appears to his disciples and explains scripture.

You can read the Bible passages online at https://www.biblegateway.com/

Reflection on the Readings
  Last Sunday afternoon, I was walking along Tyne Street, above the river, and saw a beautiful double rainbow.  It is not often that you see where a rainbow reaches the earth, as there are usually other features obstructing the view, but here it was touching the sea between the north and south piers.  You will have to take my word for it, as an eyewitness.  Unfortunately, I did not have a camera with me, but I have managed to find a similar image online to illustrate.Today’s reading from the Gospel according to St Luke is the last part of the Easter story in this year’s lectionary.  The risen Jesus returns to join his disciples, gathered together in Jerusalem, late in the evening.  He shares their meal, for the first time since Maundy Thursday.  He explains to them how the Hebrew Scriptures had foretold what must happen: “the Messiah is to suffer and to rise from the dead on the third day, and that repentance and forgiveness of sins is to be proclaimed in his name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem.  You are witnesses of these things.” (24: 46-48)

Jesus himself has fulfilled verse 46, but as he prepares to ascend into Heaven, it is left to the Church to fulfil verses 47-48.  We are all witnesses.  The message is to the whole world, but we are to start where we are now.  Although not even St Columba’s oldest members were present with Jesus’ disciples on that first Easter evening, we can all tell our own story.  We can tell what we know about God and Jesus, from our own experiences, and how our faith shapes our lives.

Photo by KaLisa Veer on Unsplash

A hymn that responds to the readings

St Albans Salvation Army sing Henry Ernest Nichol’s 1896 hymn (written under the pseudonym Colin Sterne), We’ve a Story to Tell to the Nations.

News and Notices

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who helped and supported the Granny’s Attic sale on Saturday; the total amount raised for church funds is £405.  Thanks from the Social Events Team.

Minister on Holiday

Trevor Jamison is on holiday until Monday 22nd April.  If you have significant, urgent matters, please contact the Church Secretary, Alison Drew.

21st April – Eco Matters with Charles Jolly at 6.30 pm

Click here for details.

Church Key Fobs

We are reviewing the key fobs used for access to the church building, and plan to deactivate them all on 1st May, apart from the ones that are confirmed as still being needed.

If you have one and still need it, please contact John Drew at Church or on 0191 251 9774 and let him know the reason and the times when you need access.  Please return any fobs no longer needed.

15th June at Bishop Auckland – Faithful Flourishing: a Northern Synod festival of faith, fellowship and fun!

People from churches around Northern Synod are invited to take part in this festival, which gives participants free access to all of the venues at The Auckland Project as well as workshops on faith conversations, music, poetry and prayer – plus a packed lunch.

We are hiring a bus to take participants from St Columba’s and St Andrew’s URC, Monkseaton.

You can find more information about the event by clicking here.
Contact Mathew to book your place,
Closing Date for booking for the coach is Sunday 5th May 2024

Next Update – Sunday 28th April

There will be no Update next week, but John Drew will edit the Update for 28th April.  To get your information in both the online and printed editions, please have it with him by Tuesday 23rd April.

Keeping in Touch

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