Café 2.21

The church hall is open from 10.00-13.00 for tea, coffee, scones, cakes and light lunches on Tuesday mornings, provided under our banner of Café 2.21, and the church is also open for quiet prayer or to light a candle.  Our Tuesday opening began in 2008, after the refurbishment of the buildings, and has proved popular.  Soup and sandwiches are served at lunch time.  Everyone is welcome to join us at any time.  As well as providing a friendly, hospitable atmosphere, Café 2.21 is also able to contribute to the church and local charities.

Covid precautions to keep everyone safe
  • extra ventilation and cleaning will be in place
  • everyone asked to take care over social distancing
  • wearing a face mask is a matter of personal choice, but please wear one, if you can, until you sit down at your table
  • hand sanitisers available on all of the tables
  • your server will come to your table to take your order, and bring food and cutlery to you.
  • after your meal, please take your payment slip to the cashier.


Updated: 17/9/2021