Church Services

St Columba's Pulpit

Morning services in person are currently 45 minutes long

  • Worshippers are no longer required to wear a face mask during services, although those who wish to are very welcome to do so
  • We will keep the church doors open to maintain good ventilation
  • Sanitiser will be provided at the church entrance for anyone who wishes to make use of it
  • Worshippers will respect the wishes of those wishing to maintain some space from others (using red cards on seats)
  • Church bibles will be returned to the chairs for use by worshippers
  • Refreshments after the service will be served, and there is no requirement to wear a face mask
  • In person Communion will be offered on the first Sunday of each month
  • Worship, reflection and Communion will also be offered on the last Sunday of each month

We also offer an online Communion service on the first Sunday of each month

For instructions on attending online, see the Weekly Update



Sunday 7 – 10.30 – worship led by the Reverend Dr Trevor Jamison

Sunday 7 – 18.00 – ecumenical worship at Holy Saviour’s, Crossway, Tynemouth

Sunday 14 – 10.30 – Communion led by John Drew

Sunday 14 – 17.30 – ecumenical worship at St Joseph’s, Wallsend Road

Sunday 21 – 10.30 – worship led by the Reverend Jack Macadam

Sunday 21 – 16.00 – ecumenical worship at Christ Church, Preston Road

Sunday 28 – 10.30 – worship led by the Reverend Rob Hufton

Sunday 28 – 18.30 – ecumenical worship at St Columba’s


Updated: 5/8/2022