Our Mother Church

Mothering Sunday was a little different this year at St Columba’s.

In our all-age morning service on 11 March, we began by thinking about the things that plants need to grow: water, sunshine and food.  Then we reflected that we too need these things, along with love, time for each other, and sometimes to say sorry.

As well as our human family tree, we also have a spiritual family, as we are baptised into the church of Christ, our Mother Church.  Reflecting on the image of Christ as the vine in chapter 15 of St John’s Gospel, we made our own “tree,” with deep roots, and people as branches, bearing leaves carrying our prayers for the world.

We were reminded of our connectedness with all people, and encouraged to follow Jesus’ example by showing care, love, kindness, respect and patience.  In this way, our tree can blossom as we make a difference in the world.

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