Sunday Service 6 September 2020

Worship at St Columba’s United Reformed Church, North Shields

Sunday 6 September, 10.00 a.m. and 11.15 a.m.




Bible is open on the communion table

Welcome from the worship leader


News and notices, especially a reminder of how the service works

  • 30 minutes for the service
  • Remain in seats for whole service
  • Quiet responses allowed e.g. Amen
  • No singing – words available on screen for contemplation
  • Leave as directed
  • Don’t block the exit to the building in order to socialise


Peace candle is lit – time of silence


Today’s service has been prepared by Andrew Atkinson, and is the first of four Sundays marked by the worldwide Church as the Season of Creation. Our call to worship comes from Eco Congregation Scotland.


Call to worship              Let us worship God


The Creator of the Universe calls us to leave the darkness behind and live in the light.

Our Lord Jesus Christ who lived and died and rose again greets us this day.

The One who danced at Creation’s birth calls us now into his presence.

So let us come to worship.

© 2020 Revd Andy Braunston

Hymn                             Reminder – words to be contemplated, not sung aloud

41                                    For the Beauty of the Earth



Holy God, we bring you our praise, for all that you have made.

We marvel at the beauty of the earth,

hill and vale, tree and flower.

Each delicate petal is wonderfully made.

We thank you for the glory of a sunrise,

as an orange glow shimmers over the sea.

We wonder at all the diversity of nature,

all the creatures, both great and small,

and the warmth of human friendship.


With all our senses we delight in the colours of a rainbow

in the sound of birdsong in the trees,

in the sweet smell of a summer rose,

in the rough texture of an acorn,

in the taste of seasonal fruits.


Creator God, we give our thanks and praise for all that you have made,

and yet we are conscious too of the fragility of this world.

In our demand for more, we damage the earth,

taking more than it can sustain,

polluting the land, air and sea,

harming ecosystems,

endangering species.

We are often thoughtless too in how we relate to each other,

not considering the consequences of our actions on our fellow men and women.


Loving God, forgive us our wrongdoing and our failures to do what is right.


Restore us, renew us.

Give us new hope and new inspiration

That we may love you and all that you have made, even as you delight in us.



Lord’s Prayer


Readings           One reader – at microphone and behind screen

Ezekiel 33: 7-11

Romans 13: 8-14


Hymn                 Reminder – words to be contemplated, not sung aloud

312                       Come, Spirit, all our Hearts Inspire




Offertory Prayer and Prayers of Intercession

Generous God, you have blessed us with all the earth provides for our daily needs.

We bring you our gifts of money and our lives,

dedicated to your service in love, hope and joy.



Living God, we pray for the Church.

May we be salt and light for the world.

Guide and help church leaders as they try to find ways for us to be “church”

in times of crisis.

Show us how we can witness to the truth of the Gospel,

show us how we can love our neighbours,

show us how we can include the excluded.

Give comfort to those who are unable to do all that they would wish to do.


Creator God, we pray for the world.

Awaken us to the power we have,

and inspire us to use it for good,

to love our neighbours,

to care for the earth,

to tread lightly on our way.

Save us from ourselves.


Loving God, we pray for ourselves and those whom we love.

We remember those in particular need this day….

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.



Hymn                  Reminder – words to be contemplated, not sung aloud

648                       Jesu, Jesu


Closing words and blessing

Now, go out into the world,

with the love of God in your hearts,

with a new determination to care for our neighbours and for the earth,

and with the blessing of God, Creator, Saviour and Guide,

from this day forward.



Reminder – please leave as directed – don’t block the exit to the building


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