Weekly Update #62 – 6 June 2021

St Columba’s United Reformed Church

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Weekly Update #62 – 6th June 2021

From the Minister                        Two Jabs Jamison and the Greek Variants

Covid-19 vaccineSo, I am now fully vaccinated, and second time around I didn’t even get the (minor) headache, shivers, and shakes that accompanied the first jab. Hurrah! I feel truly thankful. Hopefully I and others are now protected against the various Covid variants. I see the World Health Organisation is recommending we name these variants after letters of the Greek alphabet, so that countries which first identify them are not stigmatised for doing so. If you think that doesn’t happen, consider why we are the only ones calling the Alpha variant, the Kent variant, instead of calling it the British variant, like the rest of the world does. Hopefully our Prime Minister, who likes to flaunt his classical education, will be able to cope with the new system. Also, hopefully we will not waste our time trying to blame other peoples for discovering a disease which is almost the same as the one we identified.


PS – If the variants are now named after letters from the Greek alphabet does that mean we can blame ‘the Greeks’ for all of them? Maybe not

Photo by Hakan Nural on Unsplash


O God you are the Alpha to Omega of all that is good.
Continue to bless us with good things, we pray,
Like vaccines in a time of pandemic.
Thank you for those who invent them, administer them, and share them.

Sunday 6th June 2021

St Columba's Church

10.30 A.M. SERVICE
at St Columba’s United Reformed Church
Led by the Reverend Trevor Jamison
see below for how to book your place

God is Unique and one
Praise to the holiest in the height
In Christ there is no East or West

on Zoom
Led by the Reverend Trevor Jamison
On the theme, Living by Faith, for the Present and the Future

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Meeting ID: 870 2592 4059            Telephone     0131 460 1196

Worship Services in the Building 
You need to book your seat for a service in the building.

To do so, please contact Alison Drew between 9.00 a.m. and 12.00 noon on the Friday immediately prior to that service.

We have one 30-minute service at 10.30 a.m.

Physical distancing and wearing of face coverings are observed, but those from the same household should be able to sit together.

Seats will be filled from the front of the church to the back, and you must take the seat allocated to you by the stewards.

Other options for worshipping at home on Sunday

Online        URC audio service             https://devotions.urc.org.uk/            10.00 a.m.
Radio 4      Sunday Worship                                                                           8.10 a.m.
Television   BBC 1                                Songs of Praise                                 1.15 p.m.
DISCLAIMER: tv and radio schedules can change, so check the timings are correct!
Bible readings for This Week

Genesis 3:8-15                    Adam and Eve are ‘found out’ by God
Psalm 130                           ‘If you, Lord, should mark our iniquities …’
2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1         Living by faith for the present and the future
Mark 3:20-35                       Membership of Jesus’s family

You can read the Bible passages online at https://www.biblegateway.com/

Reflection on the Readings           Blaming Others …
snake and appleIt’s the woman’s fault – or is it? Adam and Eve have eaten from the tree God told them not to touch. Now God has discovered them in hiding and wants to know what has happened. The man blames God and the woman: ‘the woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me the fruit, and I ate.’ (3:14) He neglects to mention that he was with her (3:6) when she took the fruit. So the accused woman blames the serpent which ‘tricked me and I ate,’ (3:13), though she forgets to mention that she knew this was fruit she should not eat. And the serpent has no one available for shifting the blame unto, so … There are many factors which lead people – that’s you and me – to do things we know we should not. These include our environment and the things people have done to us. In the end, though, even if knowing that helps us understand better, we still have responsibility for our wrong actions. We can only hope that God loves us enough not just to punish us, but to rescue us.

Image by Denis Doukhan from Pixabay.

A Song that Responds to the Readings
We were sorry to hear of the death of retired minister, Revd David Brown who had been living in retirement in southern Scotland. David will have been known to some at St Columba’s, particularly from his time ministering in Whitley Bay in the 1990s.
Sessions on Making the Most of Zoom
Making the Most of ZoomFour sessions on making the most of Zoom, led by Media for Ministry Consultant, Dan Morrell, and Mathew Hall.

8, 15, 22, and 29 June, 7.30 p.m. – 9.00 p.m.

To sign up, email [email protected]

St Columba’s Coffee and Conversation
on Saturdays at 10.00 a.m.
Meet friends for conversation and company, online or by phone
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