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Weekly Update #117   
17th July 2022

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Hello everyone, from John.

Since the last Update, our political leader has decided to resign as he feels he no longer has the support of his followers. Which means we can look forward to several weeks of in-fighting and words of promise from quite a few candidates for the job before a small minority of the population (0.29% I understand) decide who is to take over from Boris.
God will never resign even if, as it seems, he has lost much of his support in this country and other places of this world. He is here for the duration. Even when he was so annoyed with his people Israel, he was still there in the background and, when he had determined a new strategy, he returned to his people and everyone else as well.
Isn’t it good to know how faithful and constant He is to us?


Faithful God, as this world seems to get more and more set against your Word, we are so grateful that we, as believers in you, can turn to you in our times of need, no matter what they are. Your rule is steady, reliable and just. Be patient with us Lord as we struggle to follow your leadership.



Morning Worship 10.30 a.m. at the Church
This service will be led by our minister, Trevor Jamison, on the theme;
“Everyone and everything reconciled with God, everyone and everything reconciled with each other”

Messy Church flyer
3.00 p.m. Messy Church at Saint Columba’s
“It’s All About Fishing?”
Intergenerational, activity-based worship – bring your family and your friends and take part!

Sunday 24th July  10.30 a.m. again led by Trevor Jamison

Bible readings for this week

 Amos 8: 1-12  The Lord will punish Israel by withdrawing His Word from them.
Psalm 15         Who is able to share God’s presence?
Colossians 1: 15-28    God is supreme and Paul works to proclaim Him to all.
St Luke 10:  38-42.     Is it better to work for God or listen to His Word?
You can read the Bible passages online at https://www.biblegateway.com/

Reflection on the readings: –   Do we hear enough, do we listen?

In the Old Testament days Israels behaviour was so bad that God decided to withdraw His Word from them, and so there was a gap of several centuries before God returned to them in Jesus. Was He the only one worthy to share God’s temple and abide in His presence then?
Paul reminds the listeners that because of their misdemeanours they were once separated from God but He sent Christ to bring them back to Him, the first and only true God. And Paul will continue to labour in his appointed task to proclaim this good news to all who will listen.
Mary wants to sit and listen to Jesus, Martha wants to provide hospitality for all the people, why doesn’t Mary help her? Which is right according to Jesus?
How important is God’s Word to us as Christians living in this modern world, how often do we just go the same way as we always have because it worked last time, but do we give God a chance to guide us through His Word? It is so easy for us to do what comes naturally to us but it is shown many times in the Bible that our ways are not God’s ways. Human nature is sin compared to the greatness of God’s word. We will never hear His Word unless we seek it and listen to it.

A Hymn that responds to the readings

Now I have picked just one hymn of the many suitable;
“The Spirit of the Lord revealed his will to saints of old;” (No. 311 in R&S)

To Listen Click Here

News and Notices

Church Meeting on ‘Legacies of Slavery’ – 19th July 2022 at 7.15 p.m.

Please see last weeks Weekly Update for Supporting Documents

God, Greed, and Truth: Being Faithful in a Disbelieving World

Three Bible Exploration Meetings – Mondays on Zoom, repeated Thursday’s in-person at Saint Columba’s URC, starting on 18th July.

How do Christians make sense of a world in which so many people do not share our beliefs and values? With help from selected Bible passages, we’ll have conversations about belief, ethics, and knowing what’s true.

On Zoom: Mondays 18 and 25 July, 1 August at 7.15 p.m.
To join Zoom meeting, click here.
Meeting ID: 867 7464 7368            By phone:  0131 460 1196

In-person at Saint Columba’s: Thursdays 21 and 28 July, 4 August at 7.15 p.m.

‘I am the LORD your God- you shall have no other gods before me.’
(Exodus 20:2, 3)

In Matthew 22:34-40 Jesus says that the greatest commandment in the law is ‘to love the LORD your God.’ What do we believe about God and why? What helps us continue to believe when so many around us disbelieve or don’t care?

No previous knowledge of the Bible passages is required in order to participate. All you need to bring is willingness to listen to others and share your views in
conversation. If it helps, bring a friend along with you.

For a link to the whole series, click here

A Service to Remember Those Who Have Died During a Time of Covid
On Sunday 31st July at 6.00 p.m., Saint Columba’s Church, North Shields.

We are returning to a something close to the “normality” that preceded the Covid pandemic, and we will mark that on September 4th with a service of thanksgiving and celebration.

First, though, we will acknowledge difficult times, remembering those who died during 2020, 2021, and earlier this year. Family, friends, and anyone you know who might find this service helpful are warmly invited.

The service will last for approximately forty-five minutes. It will include music,
prayers, readings and a reflection. The names of those known to the congregation who have died will be read aloud. There will be an opportunity during the service to light a candle in memory of each one. Then, after the service, there will be tea, coffee and light refreshments in the church hall, with giving time for conversation and reminiscence.

If there is a name that you would like to be included among those remembered,
please contact Alison Drew. If you intend to be at the service, please let Alison know by Thursday 28th July, to help with catering arrangements, but if you are not able to say in advance don’t let that prevent you from being there.

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