Churches Together in North Shields

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The churches and other Christian organisations in North Shields have signed a covenant to work together, as indeed they have done for many years.

Some of the things we do together include: joint services for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Good Friday (with open air drama and procession), Christian Aid Week and Pentecost.  We cooperate with Christian Aid Week collections and support for Bible Society.

Churches Together meets three times a year as a forum, with representatives of all churches attending, in addition to monthly meetings of clergy in the town.  Visit our website.

Churches Together in North Shields is part of the wider ecumenical family: North East Churches Acting Together, Churches Together in England, Churches Together in Britain & Ireland, the Conference of European Churches, and the World Council of Churches.

Christ Church Church of England, Preston Road

Christ Church, Tynemouth

St Augustin’s Church of England, Jackson Street

St Augustin's

St Peter’s Church of England, Central Avenue, Balkwell

St Peter's, Balkwell

Holy Saviour’s Church of England, Crossway, Tynemouth

Holy Saviour's, Tynemouth

St John’s Church of England, St John’s Terrace, Percy Main

St John's, Percy Main

St Cuthbert’s Roman Catholic Church, Albion Road West

St Cuthbert's

St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, Wallsend Road, Chirton

St Joseph's

St Columba’s United Reformed Church, 30 Northumberland Square

St Columba's

North Shields Methodist Church, Hawkey’s Lane

North Shields Methodist Church

North Shields Baptist Church, Howard Street

North Shields Baptist Church

North Shields Salvation Army Corps, Howard Street

Salvation Army Citadel

North Shields Fishermen’s Mission, 42-47 Fish Quay

Fishermen's Mission

The Cedarwood Trust, Avon Avenue

Also in North Shields, although not affiliated to Churches Together:

North Shields YMCA, Church Way

North Shields YMCA


Update: 28/5/2022