Harvest Festival


A worship team led our harvest festival this year.

We heard about the good work done by the 14 volunteers at Nite Bite, which provides food and company once a week for about 30 people, mainly men.  Churches Together in North Shields supports their work with those who are homeless or in need.  Nite Bite has been going for 18 years.

We reflected on God’s goodness to us, and our need to acknowledge that and to share where we can.  One sketch showed us some of the people involved in growing corn to make bread for our breakfast, and another sketch poked fun at the extravagant range of choices available to consumers with money.  Jesus’ parable of the rich fool (told in Luke 12: 13-21) was acted out for us with a  puppet and ever more elaborate props!

We also reflected on stories of three Biblical gardens.  In Eden, represented by a basket of apples, God showed his love for us by giving us choice.  In Gethsemane, represented by a basket of olives, Jesus felt crushed by the consequences of our bad choices.  In Jesus’ parable of the vine, represented by a bowl of grapes, we may be cured and enabled to bear spiritual fruits for God.


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