Exploring Ephesians

Trevor Jamison will be leading eight weekly sessions on The Letter to the Ephesians, at 19.15
on Mondays on Zoom, repeated on Thursdays in-person at Saint Columba’s. Session
one – ‘Being Thankful for Our Blessings’

How should we understand our world and what’s the best way for people to live within it?
What should the life of church congregations look like? How might answers to those
questions, given many years ago, be applied to life today? Each session lasts for sixty to
ninety minutes.

No previous knowledge about Ephesians is assumed or required. As well as members of
Saint Columba’s, those from other churches (or no church) are invited to take part, either
online or in-person. All that’s needed is a willingness to talk to others and to listen to them.

Click on the link to take part on Zoom.

(Otherwise, just come along to Saint Columba’s on the night.)

The Sessions

Theme  Date  Zoom/in-person Chapter
Being Thankful for Our Blessings September 12/15 1: 1-23
Being One New Humanity September 26/22 2: 1-22
God’s People and Paul’s Prayer October/September 3/29 3: 1-21
One People, Many Gifts October 10/6 4: 1-16
Rules For a New Life October 17/13 4: 17-32
Living in the Light October 24/20 5: 1-20
Christian Social Relationships October 31/27 5: 21-6: 9
Spiritual ‘Warfare’ and Final Blessings November 7/3 6: 10-23


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