Advent Exploration

Nearly thirty people have been involved in an exploration of Advent themes over the course of four weeks.  So often this time of year can be so full of frenzied activity, that it can leave us feeling as though something was missing.  This year, we decided to set aside a little time each day as an intentional preparation for the celebration of Christmas.

We have been reading a book, “Advent for Everyone: A Journey Through Matthew”, and reflecting on the meaning of Christ’s coming into our world. It has been a time for watching and waiting, a time for repentance, a time for healing, and a time for love.

Each Thursday evening, as many of us as could do so have come together for a short time of worship and sharing some reflections on our reading. We have enjoyed our time of fellowship together, making Advent and Christmas more meaningful.

We have reflected on our need to make ourselves ready for Christ, to reorientate our lives, to focus on God and be clear where our priorities lie. Jesus was not the Messiah many expected, and it is not easy to follow faithfully, but it brings the blessings of playing our part in the kingdom of God.

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