A Service to Remember

A Service to Remember Those Who Have Died During a Time of Covid

Sunday 31 July at 18.00, Saint Columba’s Church, North Shields

We are returning to a something close to the “normality” that preceded the Covid pandemic, and we will mark that on 4 September with a service of thanksgiving and celebration.  First, though, we will acknowledge difficult times, remembering those who died during 2020, 2021, and earlier this year.  Family, friends, and anyone you know who might find this service helpful are warmly invited.

The service will last for approximately forty-five minutes. It will include music, prayers, readings and a reflection.  The names of those known to the congregation who have died will be read aloud.  There will be an opportunity during the service to light a candle in memory of each one.  Then, after the service, there will be tea, coffee and light refreshments in the church hall, with giving time for conversation and reminiscence.

If there is a name that you would like to be included among those remembered, please contact Alison Drew.  If you intend to be at the service please let Alison know by Thursday 28 July, to help with catering arrangements, but if you are not able to say in advance don’t let that prevent you from being there.

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