A Joyful Induction

On the afternoon of Saturday 16 July 2018, Revd Trevor Jamison was inducted as our minister at St Columba’s, alongside wider Church duties across the Northern Synod.

Trevor is no stranger to the North East, having previously served in Northern Synod in the early 21st century as Adult Education Officer.  During the service, he reflected that whilst one can never go back to an earlier time, one can draw wisdom and inspiration from past experiences.  Induction is ultimately about serving God, and Trevor reminded us that we are all important to God, and urged us to love other people and creatures, in thought and in deed.

During the service, gifts of a Bible, a plate and cup, and a bowl of water were presented to Trevor, representing his ministry of preaching the Word of God and administering the sacraments of communion and baptism.

The sermon was preached by the minister of Augustine United Church, which Trevor and his family attended whilst he was working in Edinburgh.  She spoke of their many gifts and asked us please to treasure them well.  She also encouraged us to ask him lots of questions!

Readings from scripture offered a vision of hope for a “new” North Shields, indeed a whole world transformed, where people live together in peace and dignity, enjoying the fruits of their labour, in harmony with nature.  On our journey of faith together, we can each bring our own talents and diversity.  Jesus showed a new way to lead, by serving others and helping them when they were in need.

The service was attended by many members and friends of St Columba’s, ecumenical partners, civic leaders, and members of Synod, who brought warm words of welcome.  (Synod’s travelling teddy bears, Naomi and Elijah were also there!)  Afterwards, the church hall filled with people enjoying a huge buffet and meeting and chatting together.


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